About Us

Publishing is not merely a business venture for us. It is our mission to stoke passion, reward creativity and spread knowledge globally by marketing our books on a world-wide network of distributors and bookstores. We honour authors who have distinguished themselves in the world of books and reward creative talents among others who dare tell their story and sell their idea to the world.  We invite authors, editors, distributors and marketing brains to join this exciting mission of ushering in a Turning Point in the life of people intellectually and factually.

Unlike the run-of-the-mill publishing ventures, we are fired by a passion to excel. Top notch quality control in designing, formatting, printing and binding; global outreach in showcasing our products in the world market; high credibility of our ethical dealings; and most competitive business terms are the hallmarks of our being in this business.

At Turning Point, we have a team of internationally acclaimed authors, editors, designers and advisors lead by Karan Kharb – an established author, manager and motivator himself.

The range of books we plan to publish includes subjects as varied as defence, national security, biography, social, religion, politics, travel, art, culture, history, business, health & fitness, lifestyle, and children’s books.