Authored by : Colonel Rajinder Singh
Language : English
Publisher : Turning Point Publishers
Year of Publication : 2017
Binding : Paperback
ISBN-13 : 9788193397305
Subject : Kashmir – A Different Perspective (PB)
Edition : First

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Kashmir - A Different Perspective (PB)

Kashmir – A Different Perspective tells you what has never been told about Kashmir. Interspersed with glimpses of an era of glory and richness of the Kashmiri culture, the book brings you face to face with the devastation caused by the unending Proxy War. The author has not only exposed Pakistan’s sinister designs to bleed India through a thousand cuts but also the perpetual bankruptcy of statesmanship in the Indian-Kashmiri leadership ever since the Nehru-Sheikh Abdullah era. The painful truth is that the Pakistani champions of the Kashmiri Azadi have delivered only fear, chaos and backwardness to Kashmir that would otherwise be the Valley of Splendour!

Unlike researchers, journalists and desktop analysts compiling and serving you data from libraries of institutes and think tanks, the author is reporting straight from the ground zero. Far from the hustle-bustle of city-life, he takes you on a tour of Siachen, Kargil, villages and hamlets, gullies and ridges, springs and rivulets, ascending cliffy heights, skiing and sliding along icy slopes and gorges where the serene, tranquil calm has become eerie silence that nearly always precedes deadly encounters with the terrorists lying in ambush.

It’s a revealing exposition; a ruthless treatise that spares none! A moving rendition of a bitter tale from the enchanting vale.

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