Authored by : Satish C Shukla
Language : English
Publisher : Turning Point Publishers
Year of Publication : 2018
Binding : Paperback
ISBN-13 : 978-81-937831-1-5
Subject : MetaMotivation – Rising of the Super Leaders
Edition : First

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MetaMotivation - Rising of the Super Leaders

Even as the Modern Civilisation is racing on the hi-tech hi-speed highway, we are witnessing nations and societies getting engaged in fiercer conflicts – violence, terrorism, disease, poverty, pollution, callous and corrupt governments. Far from making the world safer, the so-called advancement has only pushed us dangerously close to the catastrophic hazards erupting from global warming, the insatiable quest of rival nations for global domination, the emergence of neo-nuclear powers brazenly threatening to wipe out Powers like the erstwhile World Supremo – the United States!  The world had never come so close to the nuclear holocaust!  In a world where all the known tools of statecraft – diplomacy, military, industry, trade, and even the United Nations – all seem ineffective and insufficient, we need a global corps of Super Leaders, to redeem Civilisation and deliver Humanity from its anxiety and insecurity to peace, prosperity, and happiness.

MetaMotivation: Rising of the Super Leaders, authored by a Sahaj Yogi equipped with rich experience of military and the business world, is a book that seeks to change the readers’ outlook from the conventional to the creative vision leading individuals, families and societies to assured peace, wisdom, prosperity and global homogeneity – realisation of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’! A precious pearl in the ocean of books, this one is a must for those who wish to elevate themselves to oversee and influence human behaviour in every aspect of human activity.

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