Doomsday Next


Authored by : Surendra Nath Saxena & Sajeev Khurana Language : English Publisher : Turning Point Publishers Year of Publication : 2018 Binding : Paperback ISBN-13 : 978-81-933973-6-7 Subject : Doomsday Next Edition : First

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Dr. Abhishek, the U.N. Secretary-General, on board his flight to Lagos for a vital peace mission is unaware that a spy from a secret hard-core fundamentalist organization is on him.  He is shadowed, kidnapped, hypnotized and even transmuted through a complex web of intrigues and mystiques.  The forces of evil proliferate and manifest through terror and nuclear weapons, rapid industrialization and global warming. The visualization of World War III is so horrific that the surviving minuscule of Humanity transforms itself into a new social order. Well, the story is unique! Tiny as a capsule that could be gulped in one sitting, this wonder-book  – ‘Doomsday   Next’ – takes you on a voyage through the mystiques of desire and spirituality, peace and war, pollution and clean energy, politics, and terrorism! It engages the reader so intensely that one starts seeing the characters in flesh and bone, and feels nudged by them into the happenings! The subtle difference between sublime sex and debauchery had never manifested more vividly. It is a stunning story that holds the reader under its spell as it meanders through an incredible journey into the frightful future of Human Civilisation! It is also an apt reminder to the intelligentsia, sociologists, scientists, and politicians across the world to foster synergetic bonding, not conflict, between Nature and Science.


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