India – The Future of South Asia


Authored by : Karan Kharb Language : English Publisher : Turning Point Publishers Year of Publication : 2019 Binding : HB ISBN-13 : 978-81-937831-5-3 Subject : India – The Future of South Asia Edition : First

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Rarely – if ever – have top guns of India, Pakistan, China and the USA contributed their diverse viewpoints in a single book like this one! India – The Future of South Asia is a prophetic analysis of South Asia’s (and Indo-Pacific’s) economic, geopolitical and security challenges, opportunities, and imperatives. It is an exciting amalgam of valuable inputs from an elite corps of strategists, Generals, intellectuals, diplomats, media analysts, and social activists from India, Pakistan, China, and the USA. Many of them have held commanding positions in policy framing and strategic planning on defence, security, UN and international relations. The book explores the Modi Sarkar’s latest achievements, challenges and the present status of ‘New India’. Demolishing its traditional threshold of ‘tolerance’ in security and strategic matters, India has now transformed its outlook as the New Power of Peace and Prosperity in South Asia. By its geostrategic position, India is the unchallenged central power in this part of the world. Some bold initiatives like forcing China to relent on Doklam and the Balakot airstrike deep inside Pakistan have underscored India’s new resolve and capability to defend its vital interests anywhere in the world. In the space war capabilities, there were only three powers – the US, Russia and China that held the sway – but only until 27 March 2019 when India’s successful anti-satellite missile test (A-SAT) catapulted her to this elite club of the world’s most powerful! Most authors, including Lt Gen McMaster (USA), Dr Zongyi (China) and even Maj Gen Mahmud Durrani (Pak) endorse that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has catapulted India to the acme of world attention. With its economy growing at the fastest rate despite the recent global slowdown, it has already trounced France to be ranked 6th in the world. India now poised to assist nations in their development and jointly transform South Asia into a Region of Peace and Prosperity. It is a unique book! Views so diverse, intriguing and yet so authentic on the geopolitics of South Asia and the Indo-Pacific have never been put so succinctly together and published in a single volume like this one.


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