Nungshibi - A Gripping Love Story in a State of Conflict


Raviraj Nalawade is a serving Army officer with vast experience of counter-insurgency operations in Manipur, Nagaland, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. He has served in the UN as a Military observer. Recipient of a Gallantry award, he has also excelled in sports having played Football at the national level while at school. He has won awards in Boxing and Cricket while in the Military academies.

Raviraj is a fan of India’s North East and its people. He is credited with several special military operations accomplished successfully. An eloquent orator, avid reader, and a prolific writer, Nalawade is a rare blend of guts and talents. He has already carved an enviable niche for himself in the military and civil intelligentsia.


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Nungshibi is a riveting tale of a young Army officer Rohit, who grapples with idealism and realism in equal measure. He is posted to Manipur after a tough selection process where his path crosses with Gaby, a suave yet simple girl who sweeps him off his feet with her easy charm. A breezy romance starts to blossom in the backdrop of a deadly insurgency which draws both of them closer as they get involved in mitigating the problem in their own ways. Eluding the prying eyes of people, Coffee and Lunch dates become a regular feature. Just when things look to be heading to another level, enters Aditya, Gaby’s on-off boyfriend! Aditya’s entry creates a distance between Gaby and Rohit. Still, destiny has its ways, often weird. A huge bomb blast rips apart a hospital where Gaby is tending to her cousin admitted there. It becomes an intricate web of conflicts where nothing seems certain. Yet, relations acquire significance and trust bounces from bound to bound until……………!

Nungshibi is a celebration of human emotions, feelings, longings and joy which also puts forth the problems of the North East through the eyes of a young couple which will intimately touch the youth and the elderly alike. Nungshibi is an ode to the resilience and simplicity of the people of Northeast India.

The book is a moving treatise that gives you a peep into the deep insides of a complex socio-cultural-politico-military conflict that must be read by every soldier and civilian in India and abroad.


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