The March of Fortune – Untold Stories from Battlefields, Towns and Fields!


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‘THE MARCH OF FORTUNE – A COLLECTION OF SHORT STORIES’ is a rare pearl in the ocean of contemporary Indian fiction. It is a collection of exciting stories covering a huge spectrum of human activities involving soldiers and civilians, cultures and customs across India, Nepal and many other parts of the world. Drawing from real-life experiences – personal as well as those of his colleagues, soldiers and people from remote areas – the Author serves the reader with a rich variety of superbly engaging narration flavoured with a lavish spray of romanticism, thrill, awe and excitement and irresistible intellectual delight. Ranging from spying to fierce fighting on the battlefield; from exorcism to Shakuntala and Nachiketa; from love tales to spiritual enlightenment and more. It is a book that blends knowledge and entertainment to be of great value and interest to all from teenage stage to the centenarians – men and women, Indians and foreigners. By the time you reach the end of this book, your knowledge would have turned into wisdom for life!


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