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    Ingredients Required From You!

    1.      2-3 chapters from your Manuscript/Book,

    2.      Synopsis of the book.

    3.      Author’s Bio-data.

    If our Editorial Committee approves your sample chapters and Synopsis, you will be required to send us the following documents:-

    1.      Full Manuscript in Word file editable format complete with Foreword/Preface/Acknowledgement pages, contents/chapters and, if required, Bibliography;

    2.      Proposed ‘Title’ and Cover design (if chosen by the Author);

    3.      A neat and high resolution Photograph of the Author;

    4.      Brief introduction ‘About the Author’ and ‘About the Book’ – both not to exceed 500 words.


    Your book should be at least 175 pages.
    Please select one Cover Design.
    Ensure All the required essentials are provided to us in one attachment.
    Avoid submission of your work in installments!

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